Our company provides a wide range of Tree services in Wairoa

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Tree pruning or removal

We can prune any size and species of trees,for your needs,including removing dead wood or dangerous branches,crown reductions,fruit promotion,shaping ,thinning.Avocado pruning and chipping.

We have the experience and equipment to deal with large Tree removals or pruning your garden trees or hedges no matter what is below the tree.

Earth moving and cartage

We use a 4.7 ton excavator to aid us in our tree work that we also use for Earth moving,tracks,drain clearing and general digging work.

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Tree chipping and Stump grinding

We can chip the debris from your trees and cut the firewood up leaving you with mulch for your gardens and firewood or we can remove every thing from site.

We also supply garden mulch and deliver firewood all year round.

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Providing tree services in Tauranga